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  • Lee Burdett

    Lee Burdett Lee loves teamwork and cutting edge technology. At YSM Design, he contributes on technical drawings and design. A versed graphic designer and architect, Lee says “we have only the latest and greatest hardware and software” at YSM Design. His overall computer knowledge is a plus for speed and efficiency on design projects. Trained in lighting design, his knowledge of interior and exterior lighting allows Lee to envision and present the exact impact lighting has on finished product. He works with a great team of designers and construction experts and believes “all at YSM Design work towards the common goal of excellent design and getting things done.” Technology Specialist

  • Brian Stumph

    Brian Stumph Clients and dealers have to operate out of what is designed for them. Brian gets that! He has a “blue collar” background and a decade of experience in design and construction. At YSM Design, he specializes in automotive field design work. He is an excellent problem solver for unique building conditions and a master in design work for factory compliance. Satisfying factory requirements and dealers’ square footage needs is Brian’s forte. He “figures how to put a 10,000 square foot building footprint into a 3,000 square foot building.” In addition, he is capable of using specified materials to create the desired structure. As he likes to say, “Materials may break. My designs don’t.” With seven years of experience putting dealerships in urban environments, Brian not only has real working knowledge but also understands that dealerships are “organic in nature.” Nevertheless, he enjoys talking to clients since he understands great design is a product of great communication. He is based on the west coast but travels the country for YSM Design. Among his clients are Kia, Mazda, BMW and MINI. Brian has also taught an architecture studio and wrote the national image program for Autohaus. Project Manager

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