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  • Miguel Yelos San Martin

    Miguel Yelos San Martin Born in Buenos Aires, Miguel spent his early childhood in Patagonia. There, he was exposed to a unique landscape that later influenced his passion for spaces that evoke an authentic sense of place. In 1980, after attending a language school in Cambridge, England, Miguel felt inspired to work abroad. He returned to Buenos Aires to pursue his Architectural degree, graduating from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1984. While an architectural student, he interned at AURI, SA, working on key projects for the City of Buenos Aires, including an ecological belt program with renowned architect, Rafael Viñoly. Upon graduation, his father presented him with the opportunity to fulfill his dream of working abroad in California, from where he would launch his architectural career in the United States. Miguel hails from an entrepreneurial family. His mother’s father owned utility companies, his father’s father owned and operated the largest retail store in his town, and his father was a highly successful dentist. Miguel always dreamed about running his own office. He founded YSM Design in 1989 in addition to several other companies over the years. Throughout his prolific career, Miguel has shown sophisticated expertise in the design of high end homes, residential and office buildings, hotels, retail stores, and automotive facilities for significant, global corporations. He has also master planned residential and commercial developments, both within the U.S. and internationally. Principal

  • Andres Alvarez

    Andres Alvarez At YSM Design, Andres handles a wide variety of projects. He leads the independent dealership group for YSM Design and is the primary designer for MINI, USA. With a cutting edge eye for design, Andres is not afraid to use new technology and materials to make a building stand out. He enjoys pushing design a little further to make a building look unique while also being functional. A versatile designer, he is capable of applying his knowledge to a variety of design. His experience in client-management relationships enables him to deliver exactly what the client wants. Having been exposed to different markets and design around the world, including Colombia and China, Andres is well prepared for anything that comes his way. In China he was part of an international firm that developed four to six million square foot mix-use projects. Additionally, he has handled projects for Marriott Hotel in DC, Intercontinental Hotel, Piedmont Hospital, Northside Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the new Jaguar and Land Rover dealership in Buckhead. Design Director

  • Candy Dankenbrink

    Candy Dankenbrink As Office Manager, Candy Dankenbrink uses her knack for finding errors and resolving them quickly and efficiently to manage YSM’s accounting and staff. Raised in Georgia, by way of Florida, Candy earned a Master of Business Administration with an Accounting focus early in her career. She uses her learned knowledge and management skills to assist with client relations and inter-office relations. She is one of the pillars of YSM’s daily operations. Office Manager

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