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Peter Newfield

At YSM Peter brings 30 years of design experience, including two decades in automotive retail design. He delivers high design and good quality at reasonable cost. As Peter puts it, “a dealer knows what works in his community; I know what works in the industry.” The combination is profitable, literally. Peter is straightforward and not shy. He knows what the manufacturer wants, what the dealer wants and what the public wants. As Peter sees it “a client is not paying me to tell them what they want to hear, they are paying me to deliver an excellent design.”

He has successfully managed more than 1,000 projects for Ford, GM, BMW, Saab, Hummer and Subaru. And, if you happen to find yourself 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, check out Ford, GM, and Chrysler – all designed by Peter. You will not only get a firsthand look at Peter’s fine work but will see how smartly and efficiently Peter operates, no matter where or under what conditions.

Senior Project Manager

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