Jonathan Ruffin

As a Northern California native with a great appreciation for the beauty of diversity, Jonathan’s love for art and exploration led him to the Atlanta area in the mid 90’s to pursue his dream of becoming an Architect. His initial training began in the halls of Morris Brown College where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art and Design. Jonathan then enrolled in the Architecture Program at Georgia Institute of Technology where he excelled in his design studies both locally and abroad. He successfully completed the program in 1999, earning himself a Master of Architecture Degree. With Graduate School behind him, Jonathan entered the Professional world of Architecture as a young intern specializing in Multifamily Design. Five years later, he secured his NCARB Certificate and became a State Registered Architect. Jonathan’s explorative nature eventually led him to branch out into the Commercial and Industrial Design sector where he spent over 15 years as a lead Architect and Project Manager. In 2019, Jonathan joined the team at YSM Design where he continues thrive in an exciting environment of dynamic Architecture.

Project Architect

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